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Hume Street Preservation Jazz Band #405

Dixieland and Traditional Jazz
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Hume Street Preservation Jazz Band #405 originated in Aberdeen, WA thirty years ago. The band has earned a reputation of being a fine traditional jazz band, both for listening and dancing, having played festivals from coast to coast, as well as “Dixieland at Sea” cruises.


Using a two cornet front line, Hume Street continues the tradition of the two cornet sound of King Oliver’s Creole Jazz Band popular in 1923, a sound revived by Lu Watters Yerba Buena Jazz Band that evolved into West Coast or San Francisco style Dixieland. Over the last few years, Hume Street has also started to branch out with new tunes and arrangements featuring a reed section.


Playing lead Cornet, Steve Wright is an multi-talented musician who doubles on clarinet and sax, and also directs the band. He has written out arrangements for many of the new tunes added to Hume Street's book. Steve is a software engineer living in the Seattle area. Over the years he has played with a number of bands, including Paramount Jazz Band of Boston and Evergreen Classic Jazz Band from Seattle. In addition to Hume Street, Steve currently plays with Ray Skjelbred's Yeti Chasers (also known as First Thursday Band) and with Evergreen Classic Jazz Band.


George Oelrich plays second cornet and also doubles on flugelhorn and baritone. George is a retired band instructor, now living in Sultan, WA. He has played with many bands around the Pacific Northwest, including Bathtub Gin from Bellingham and Duwamish Jazz Band from Seattle. A few traditional jazz festivals also appreciate George’s extra talents as a piano tuner.


Hume Street’s trombonist, Steve Horton lives in Grants Pass, OR. He is retired, but was the school band director at Ocean Shores, WA. Steve has played and loved Dixieland for years. 


Rob Hilliard plays clarinet and sax. He is a database administrator living in Bellevue, WA. Rob, has been a member of the band ever since it started in 1977, when it was originally called the Royal Bourbon Street Dixieland Jazz Band. He became band leader in 2006. He also plays with Electric Park Jazz Band from Aberdeen.


The Hume Street rhythm section is comprised of Andy Hall on tuba, Hank Dougherty on banjo, Bob Neisinger on drums, and Karla West on piano..


Andy Hall currently resides in Aberdeen WA. He is multi-talented musician and a “techie” type – mechanical engineering, robotics, instrumentation, the list goes on. Through the years, many traditional jazz fans have enjoyed Andy’s musical talents with Hume Street and Uptown Lowdown of Bellevue. Andy is a multi-instrumentalist with a wonderful singing voice. He plays piano, trombone, cornet, tuba, as well as clarinet and sax. Andy also plays with Electric Park Jazz Band from Aberdeen, and he enjoys playing reeds in the Grays Harbor Banjo Band, with his wife Linda Hall, Hume Street's banjo player extraordinaire for many years.


Hank Dougherty comes from Independence OR. He’s been a pilot and a flight instructor. Retired from law enforcement, Hank now enforces Hume Street’s rhythm and chord changes. You may recognize Hank from his years with Stumptown Jazz Band from Portland, OR. He has been music director of the Northwest Banjo Band for over 20 years, and has also played with the River City Jazz Band, Cascade Ragtime, and organized the Hank Daugherty Trio, all in Portland, OR.


Bob Neisinger is an original member of Hume Street, having joined the Royal Bourbon Street band right around the time the name changed to Hume Street in the early 1980s. Bob provides a drumbeat and his wonderful singing voice. From Aberdeen, WA, Bob is a retired music professor, having taught for many years at Grays Harbor College. He has led many bands, orchestras, choirs and small vocal groups, and also has starred in several Aberdeen musical productions, such as “The Music Man”. Bob is the leader and conductor of the National Elks Band from Aberdeen, WA.


Karla West is a college instructor from Whitefish MT. Karla provides the solid piano chords and rhythm. She often pleases the crowds with her tasty ragtime piano solos. Karla has many other talents also, as jazz festival organizer, band leader, and jazz camp organizer. Many instructors and students alike have appreciated her traditional jazz educations efforts with Camp Heebie Jeebies.